how to measure ring size at home

How To Find Your Ring Size At Home

Buying a ring online can be tricky if you don't know your ring size. Luckily our guide to find your ring size at home along with our ring size conversion chart makes it really easy!

How is ring size measured? To find your ring size at home is easy once you know how, but it can be confusing as there are a number of ways of sizing rings depending on where in the world your jewellery is made. I’ve included a handy ring size conversion chart below to make converting your ring size easier.

So let’s get started!

Use An Existing Ring To Get Your Ring Size At Home

get ring size at homeIf you have a ring that fits the finger you are buying the new ring for, then the easiest way is to measure the diameter of the ring. This means measure directly across the widest point of the ring, on the inside of the band.

Make sure you measure only the inside measurement and do NOT include the thickness of the band!

Use our ring conversion chart below to find your ring size.

Measure Your Finger To Find Your Ring Size

Find ring sizeAnother way find your ring size is to measure your finger using a piece of string or cotton. Simply wrap the string around the ring finger at its largest point, which is often the knuckle.

Always remember that the ring has to be able to fit over your knuckle.

Either mark the string with a pen, or hold it tightly with with your finger nail at the point where both ends of the string meet, and then measure the string against a ruler to get your accurate measurement.

You can then find your ring size using the conversion chart below.

Ring Conversion Chart: Convert Your Ring Size

Ring Conversion Chart

I hope that helps. If you’re confused or have any questions please contact us and we’ll get back to you asap.

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